Supporting The Women's Centre Calgary & Win House in Edmonton

Join us Saturday, October 27 for the Fall 2018 Spa Lady Community Games at Beacon Heights in Calgary and Whitemud in Edmonton.

Participate in any of the four events; entry requires payment.

Game Info & Registration

Entry Deadline: October 25

Game Info

When: Saturday, October 27, 2018
Location: Beacon Heights, Calgary
Whitemud, Edmonton
Time: 8:30 a.m. volunteers arrive
8:45 a.m. weigh-in and warm-up
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. events
1:00 p.m. games wrap up, awards to follow
Cost: $25 registration fee per athlete , $25 for a t-shirt (while quantities last)
Supporting: The Women's Centre of Calgary and the Win House in Edmonton

Spa Lady Games T-Shirts

SL Games Registration


1 STRENGTH EVENT: Deadlift & Dead Hang

Total score for Strength Event: number of deadlifts completed + points from dead hang


  • Participant will weigh in prior to the event and this will be the weight put on the bar (to the nearest 5lb)
  • Sumo or conventional deadlift
  • You may use lifting belts, liquid chalk and any grip
  • You may not use lifting straps of any kind
  • You must have unbroken reps; no resting at top or bottom and no re-gripping
  • Full rep is from plates touching floor to full extension of knees and hips, shoulders over hips
  • Complete as many reps as possible until failure
  • Failure is defined as: pausing at top or bottom, failure to complete rep (full extension), grip failure
  • Two minute break before moving on to second portion


  • Shoulder width, overhand grip
  • Feet cannot be touching the floor
  • One point for every 10 seconds hanging

2 ENDURANCE EVENT: Mini Triathlon

Total score for Endurance Event: Time for completion of all three events

  • 2000m row
  • 10km bike (standard tension spin bike)
  • 3km run

3 METABOLIC CONDITIONING EVENT: Complete every 2 minutes until tap out (E2MOM)

Total score for Conditioning Event: Total reps in last round completed

Min 0:00 - 2:00:

  • 8 shoulder to overhead press (empty bar = 45lb)
  • 8 bar facing burpees (jump over bar on ground) – chest to ground on each rep

Min 2:00 - 4:00:

  • 9 shoulder to overhead press
  • 9 bar facing burpees

Increase by 1 rep every round until tap out

 4 GAUNTLET: Details announced the day of the event

This is a fun participation event to run at the end of the games.