Spa Kidz

Spa Kidz

The most fun a kid can have at the gym without breaking a sweat!

Spa Kidz is one of the valued services offered by Spa Lady and is available for Spa Lady members while they exercise. Moms can experience a worry-free work-out knowing their children are being cared for in one of our kid-friendly play areas. Our friendly, creative staff provide a safe, welcoming and fun visit. Kids can choose from our wide selection of toys, games, movies, books and crafts.



Hours of Operation

Canyon Meadows Only

Mon – Thu: 8:30am–1pm, 5–8pm
Fri: 8:30am–1pm
Sat: 9am–1pm
Sun: Closed

Trans-Canada Only

Mon – Thu: 9am–1pm, 4–8pm
Fri – Sat: 9am–1pm
Sun: Closed

All Other Locations

Mon – Thu: 9am–1pm, 5–8pm
Fri – Sat: 9am–1pm
Sun: Closed

Spa Kidz Rules

At Spa Kidz, we strive to create the best possible environment for your child to grow and have fun. To ensure that your child has a pleasurable experience, kindly review the Spa Kidz rules below.

  • Spa Kidz is available to all Spa Lady members and their children
  • The member must remain at Spa Lady while their child is in the care of Spa Kidz
  • The member picking up the child must be the same member who dropped them off
  • A single visit to Spa Kidz is limited to two hours
  • Under no circumstances are members permitted to take children into the locker room, group fitness studio or onto the gym floor
  • Parents will be paged to Spa Kidz if a child cannot be comforted from crying within 10 minutes
  • No food, gum or candy permitted - Staff will not supervise eating. If a child wants a snack the member must stay and supervise until they are finished eating (peanut-free zone)
  • Sippy cups or bottled water are permitted and must be labeled with the child’s name. No juice or milk is allowed
  • The member is responsible for changing diapers. If a child needs changing, staff will page the member to Spa Kidz
  • Soothers and comfort items such as blankets are permitted and must be labeled with the child’s name
  • Toys from home are not permitted in Spa Kidz
  • Strollers are not permitted in Spa Lady
  • Members are required to remove their child’s outdoor clothing and footwear before entering Spa Lady and dress their child upon pick-up
  • Clean indoor shoes or socks are required
  • Spa Kidz reserves the right to remove a child perceived to pose danger to themselves or others, the child must be picked up immediately upon request
  • In an effort to maintain a healthy environment, Spa Kidz will not admit any child who appears ill. If a child becomes ill during their visit, staff will page the member to Spa Kidz to pick up their child immediately
  • Spa Kidz staff are not permitted to administer medication
  • Staff are not permitted to accept members’ personal property. Lockers are available for day use
  • Management is not responsible for members’ property or their children’s property being lost, stolen, or damaged on Spa Lady or in Spa Kidz premises
  • Members must provide independent supervision and care for special needs children upon request
  • Spa Kidz reserves the right to call Emergency Services (ambulance) at member’s cost if it determines, in its sole discretion, that such action is required
  • Spa Kidz privileges may be revoked if a member does not pick up their child on time (i.e. before closing)
  • Rules are made for the safety, security and well-being of all Spa Lady members and their children
  • Spa Kidz may refuse service if rules are not followed or if, in its sole discretion, it determines it is in the best interest of Spa Kidz and its clients to do so
  • Spa Kidz reserves the right to refuse admission if, in its sole discretion, it judges attendance to have reached a safe and manageable maximum capacity based on staffing levels at that time
  • The above rules are subject to change without notice