Personal Training

Personal Training

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The individual approach to your health, wellness & fitness goals

Helping members achieve their goals with specialized care and attention

What is Personal Training?

Personal training is the individual approach to achieving specific health, wellness and fitness goals. Spa Lady personal trainers have advanced qualifications and offer a wide range of knowledge and expertise. Our team of qualified personal trainers is educated to carefully consider individual needs, limitations and personal goals to help design balanced programs whilst striving for maximum results.

Why Choose a Personal Trainer?

Members who desire more personalized instruction, supervision and added motivation request the services of a personal trainer.

If you are looking for:
  • Personalized supervision during your workouts
  • Added support and encouragement while you work out
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Maximum results and added benefits from each session
  • A tailored fitness program to meet a personal fitness or weight loss goal
  • A specialized program for back care, flexibility and/or personal injuries/limitations
Then our qualified team of personal trainers can help.

You will never know how good training can be until you've tried a Spa Lady personal trainer

If you are interested in personal training please see reception at any of our locations to set up your free consultation.